Holistic Vision Canada

the holistic mental health


We are a humanitarian organization that offers social assistance based on need and restorative justice principles founded by executive director Emily Isaacson. We are based in Greater Vancouver, and provide services throughout Canada.

Clients are encouraged to join our patient list so we can represent them as an advocate both in panel review or in treatment teams for a successful outcome.

We provide counsel and advocacy both in hospital, by home visit, at our office, and over the phone. Once you join our patient list, you can contact us for scheduled appointment times with your advocate. 

We provide a successful and world-renowned nutrition and supplement program, complimentary to conventional treatment. These can be best used together to promote your recovery. 

Appointments are offered to our clients on a sliding scale at an affordable rate. The nutritionist will provide a visit to your home for 1 hour or talk to you over the phone to assist you in managing your condition and create a food plan for you. For more information visit the nutrition wellness clinic below. 

Visit Wild Lily Holistic Health for quality healthcare by an orthomolecular nutritionist in the Fraser Valley. For mental health clients of all ages. Nutrition programs and food plans.

Visit Holistic Vision International for more resources on managing and recovering from disease using a holistic approach. HVI is a human rights organization for holistic patients and minorities.