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First Month Program

This intensive one month experience introduces the fundamentals of building a long-term successful disease management and healthy lifestyle program. Participants will begin with a counseling and nutrition consultation and evaluation to help the team work in cooperation to create a program that is safe, comfortable and geared toward weight, age, physical, and mental capabilities. Each participant will be encouraged to participate in creating a holistic integrated program that is livable, that they can follow at home, that will result in optimal wellness, and prevent relapse, long-term. Participants are assigned an advocate who will participate in group discussions and decisions both in hospital and as in-home follow-up. The advocate is trained in psychology and desires to promote the best possible outcome and represent the participant in both casual and legal proceedings. 

Follow Up Program

This builds on the successful outcome of the first month. Eating/behavioral sessions will focus on issues such as dealing with high risk situations and mood management that may trigger suicidal behavior, self-destructive patterns, cognitive or behavioral risk factors, or eating disorders including overeating, bingeing, compulsive eating or emotional eating. The art therapist will continue to offer art as a form of expression and catharsis twice a month, according to ability level. If the patient has been released from hospital, the advocate will provide in-home follow up visits, and the nutritionist will make sure the patient is able to choose the right food intake, follow a prescribed food program, as well as providing supplements for the patient as needed.

Self-Esteem Program

This is the most comprehensive program, featuring the nutrition program developed by Emily Isaacson, with a focus on learning to eat to adjust the body’s metabolism to hunger signals, regulate food portions and maintain a regular eating schedule. Also monitoring fitness/exercise physiology, emotional eating, binge eating and purging and mood swings are paramount. Body image and self-esteems are discussed and cognitive therapy implemented when the patient has gained weight to a goal weight. There are one-on-one sessions with the nutritionist and counselor or psychologist, as well as sessions regarding their specialized program. Patient compliance is assessed and the need for supervision, as well as assistance eating or preparing meals and taking supplements. Time is available for in-depth discussions and focus on high risk and problem situations. This form of eating disorder treatment is most effective in a successful long-term recovery, and has the highest success rate.

School Nutrition Education Program

The nutrition and eating disorder prevention program in schools is based on presentations offered in classroom or to the entire school to educate on holistic nutrition, instruct on the causes of eating disorders, sub-clinical eating disordered thinking, body image and solutions for eating healthy as a way of life. Whole foods are discussed as is ways of eating for optimal health.

When presentations are given, teens are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback. If the response seems positive, the nutritionist or counselor may implement a program in the school by providing nutrition or counseling appointments or support groups. We may work with the school counselor to approach the issues of health and wellness in the way that best meets the needs of the facility, staff, and students.

First Nations Holistic Wellness Program

This will meet and address the unique needs of the first nations community as holistic opportunities. We wish to offer affordable services to the first nations and adjust their fees accordingly in addition to offering free seminars and workshops through food banks and community centers, and natural health services in Greater Vancouver. We provide holistic education, nutrition assessment, and in-home visits to local first nations with the goal of eventually being able to provide the services to reserves and native communities across Canada. The difference between this approach and nursing, is that of a holistic model that promotes a return to their roots of natural healing for success in nutrition education, cooking, shopping, and resource management in a community.

HVC’s focus on the provision of services to First Nations is unlike any other in our industry. Our internationally renowned nutritionist has created ‘The Rainbow Program’ to teach aboriginals and youth about nutrition from a color-based perspective.

The applicable website ‘The Rainbow Program,’ has attracted visitors from around the world, pioneering HVC’s research on the use of brightly colored foods in combating depression, mood disorders and cognitive-behavioral conditions in children with its balanced nutritional approach and complete lifestyle management.

The Rainbow Program

The Rainbow Program teaches about non-numerical nutrition and helps in the treatment of eating disorders. It also provides a solution to depression and ADHD by substituting naturally coloured fruits and vegetables for artificial and chemically dyed foods.

This practical program was created by the Rainbow Nutritionist and has been taught in workshops and seminars at high schools, food banks, community centers, holistic medicine clinics, and in private counselling.

Visit The Rainbow Program official site on naturally coloured foods and the power of balancing antioxidants.

Remedies we recommend:

Therapeutic Use of Food and Antioxidants

Therapeutic Use of Medicinal Essential Oils

Therapeutic Use of Herbs

Therapeutic Use of Homeopathy

Therapeutic Use of Medication

Which of these remedies you need, and should use will depend on the expert advice of our practitioners.

See your Certified Health Coach and Rainbow Program Advocate today!

We use and recommend essential oils from a company that provides 100% pure essential oil and has been approved by Health Canada for medicinal use.

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